[Chatex robots]

Such is the time now – crypto dawn. Everything related to cryptocurrencies develops, grows, and blooms. Due to this, Chatex is taking up more and more time in my head and my social networks and blog respectively. But we must remember that we are still at the early adoption stage and not every early adopter will survive to the middle of mass adoption.

Last year, with the joining us of =Ш (I cannot share his name yet) Chatex radically changed its look and style. =Ш having looked at everything that we had. He asked for a month. Later he gathered us and just broke our idea of what we do and what our brand looks like. We who came and went from that demonstration were completely different people, and Chatex before and after were completely different robots.

Now it’s ridiculous to remember how Chatex looked before that very meeting.

From a sad flat robot, it first took on an idea and meaning.

Meet the family, the community of friends, who will form the friendly bank of the future.

Schemes, drawings.

Then, similar way as liquid metal T-1000, the Chatex robot took shape and became real.

We need to stay in trend and closely monitor how people’s perception of luxury changes and how new values ​​develop: creativity in the ability to connect different worlds, the value of time, simplicity, the desire to grow spiritually, mental health care, awareness, eco-thinking and immersive experience.

Understanding in what way values ​​are changing can help to get there earlier and offer something that reflects the codes of new luxury. Whoever makes them first is the one who won.