Web3 DeFi/NFT links

Own cryptos

debank.com – Multichain web3 wallet monitor.
dappradar.com – Discover, Track & Trade Everything DeFi, NFT and Gaming.
zapper.fi – Manage your entire web3 portfolio from DeFi to NFTs and whatever comes next.
zerion.io – Zerion is the easiest way to build and manage your entire DeFi portfolio from one place.
apeboard.finance – View all your DeFi investments in a single dashboard!


dexscreener.com – DEX price monitor.
bungee.exchange – the most advanced bridge tool at the moment.
app.debridge.finance – [ETH, BNB, Polygon, …] A Decentralized Standard for Cross-Chain Interoperability and Liquidity Transfers.
portalbridge.com – [SOL, ETH, FTM, …] Bridge that offers unlimited transfers across chains for tokens and NFTs wrapped by Wormhole. I recommend to not use it, because WETH Polygon to WETH Ethereum gave me WETH by Wormhole instead of WETH.
app.symbiosis.finance – [ETH, BNB, Polygon, …] Symbiosis is a decentralized multi-chain liquidity protocol. It allows users to swap assets between all the blockchains while remaining the sole owners of the funds.
app.rubic.exchange – [SOL, ETH, BNB, NEAR, …] Rubic is the Multi-Chain Swap Protocol which enables you to swap any of 15,000+ assets, on and between 11 blockchains in one click.
anyswap.exchange – [many] Any to any swap. The project still in Beta.
raydium.io – [SOL] Light-speed swaps. Next-level liquidity. Friction-less yield.


xdao.app – Create and manage your Decentralized Autonomous Organization.
weezi.io – Simple CRM for DAO Asset Management in DeFi, NFT and GameFi.
deepdao.io – DAO catalogue with tokens, treasures, users.


beefy.finance – The multichain yield optimizer.
defillama.com – The largest TVL aggregator for DeFi (Decentralized Finance).
instadapp.io – The world’s most advanced platform to start leveraging the full potential of Decentralised Finance.
nansen.ai – Tracking the behavior and on-chain activity of prominent wallet addresses.

Access management

revoke.cash – Protect your ERC-20 token balances by revoking access to the apps you used in the past.
tac.dappstar.io – Control your token approvals.
chainlist.org – Configure your Metamask to any chain in one click.


investdex.io – Rich dashboard.
lunarcrush.com – Social Intelligence for Cryptocurrencies. Service allows you to track the media streams about the projects under your aim.
coinsguru.io – Crypto involved Twitter accounts monitoring.
messari.io – Crypto Research, Data, and Tools.
app.intotheblock.com – Crypto trading intelligence.
glassnode.com – On-Chain Data and Intelligence Platform.
coinglass.com – cryptocurrency futures trading & information platform,where you can find the Bitcoin Liquidations ,Bitcoin open interest, Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.
fear-and-greed-index – Fear index. When more fear then better conditions for buying.


chainbroker.io – Crypto platform for tracking private and public fundraising, latest information on seed, private, strategic, and IDO/IEO rounds.
dovemetrics.com – The Crypto Fundraising Database.
growthlist.co – Get a report of 200+ fast-growing startups you can do business with every week.
icodrops.com – upcoming ICO/IEO/IDO/IWO monitor.
vestlab.io – ICO/IEO/IDO/IWO unlock monitor. Helps in portfolio monitoring.

Mining/Gas fees

moneyprinter.info – How much money are protocols paying to grow?
mining_map – Bitcoin mining map.
etherscan.io – Etherium gas fees monitor.